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News & Features | Feb 4th, 2011

Do Not Track: What New Privacy Features in Chrome, Firefox, and IE9 Really Do

Elaine Rigoli

Want to learn more about "Keep My Opt-Outs" from Google’s Chrome browser? Curious about similar new privacy features announced on Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9? This USA Today article explains details behind the new privacy features, though new consumer privacy enhancements are questionable at best since “it would likely still take a new federal law to compel the ad networks to honor such requests” and “If you are someone who would like to stop ad networks from systematically indexing the websites you surf to, referred to as clickstream tracking, don't hold your breath. There are billions motivating the online advertising networks to keep clickstream tracking pretty much as is; the biggest ad networks are operated by Google, Adobe, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Coremetrics and Quantserve.”

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