Get peace of mind in any public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Public Wi-Fi Signals are Unencrypted

  • No public Wi-Fi hotspot in the world is secure.
  • Anyone using the same hotspot can intercept your laptop's Wi-Fi signal.
  • Your bank account info, credit card numbers, and private e-mails or messages can be stolen out of the thin air.

PRIVATE WiFi® Makes You Invisible

  • PRIVATE WiFi encrypts all the data going into and out of your laptop.
  • Everything you do online is protected with bank-level security.
  • Confidently surf, share, shop, and bank.

How It Works

  • PRIVATE WiFi is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with bank-level 128-bit data security
  • Automatically activates itself every time your laptop connects to the Internet via public Wi-Fi.
  • Reroutes your data through an encrypted server in another location, making you anonymous.