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News & Features | Feb 3rd, 2012

Protect Your Small Business with Private WiFi: Get our Corporate Discount

Jillian Ryan

We have reported in the past that small businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks, hacking and identity theft. Most large corporations use a VPN to keep their private information and confidential company particulars protected under a secure connection. But there is no reason why small businesses shouldn’t have that same privacy and security.

Now, Private WiFi’s VPN software is available at a discounted rate for corporations and businesses. Depending on the number of employees you wish to secure with our software you can save between 25%-70%. You must purchase at least six licenses to qualify for the Corporate Discount. Depending on the size of your business, you could end up spending as little as $2.99 a month to protect one employee!  If you send employees on the road, if you have a virtual workforce, if you have a sales team out making calls, this is a must-have.

Find out more at our Try Page and protect your company from cyber attacks today!

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