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Private Communications Corporation Unveils DataCompress, Reduces Mobile Data Consumption by up to 50%

NEW YORK, NY -- (April 1st, 2016) – Private Communications Corporation (PCC), the leading provider of Internet security and mobile optimization utilities for consumers, today has officially launched its data compression product, DataCompress. Both Android and iOS users across the world can now download the application from the Google Play Store or iTunes to cut mobile data use by up to 50%*.

PCC’s focus on providing tools and services to optimize and secure the mobile experience for consumers continues with this latest launch. DataCompress helps users consume less data so they can squeeze more value from their mobile data plan, and it also blocks ads which can eat up a lot of data. By potentially avoiding overage fees for mobile data, consumers on a monthly data plan might be able to switch to a cheaper plan**.

Commenting on the launch, Kent Lawson, CEO of PCC, said, “As smartphone adoption continues to explode, in addition to our flagship consumer VPN product Private WiFi, we are very pleased to bring our data compression application, DataCompress to the growing numbers of Android mobile consumers. We believe this app provides another invaluable utility to our rapidly growing consumer base.”

“We have always stood for empowering consumers when it comes to protecting themselves online. With today’s announcement, we are excited to extend this protection to include controlling costly data fees,” continued Lawson.

Some of DataCompress’ unique features include:
1. Simple, intuitive interface with ability for user to turn service on with a single button swipe.
2. More value for consumers for their existing mobile data plan without feeling limited.
3. Three levels of compression: medium (our recommended setting), high (increased data savings with only minimal image impact), or max (maximum data savings with images displayed in black and white).
4. DataCompress allows you to block obtrusive ads and popups which makes your surfing experience faster, and blocks tracking cookies, so advertisers can’t track the websites you access.

*Based on internal testing by Private Communications Corporation.
**Users should check with their individual service provider for details on mobile data plans.

About Private Communications Corporation

Private Communications Corporation (PCC) is the leading provider of Internet security and utilities that enable consumers to have an optimized and secured mobile experience. DataCompress is the latest offering from PCC for consumers. More information is available at 

Private WiFi, PCC’s flagship software offering, is a virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts all data across unsecure WiFi networks, protecting users from the inherent threats—such as identity theft and hacking—that unencrypted public WiFi poses. More information on Private WiFi is available at 

PCC is also the partner of choice for top companies in the security, privacy, cable, and telecommunications industries. The company stands for protecting personal data and will never collect users’ private information to sell or otherwise share, which is a unique differentiator. For articles and other online privacy resources, please visit

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