Partnering with Private Communications Corp.

Partnering with Private Communications can enable your company to differentiate your offering, enhance loyalty, reduce churn, open up new revenue streams by. With technology that can be deployed quickly and seamlessly, and scaled easily to fit your needs, Private Communications is your partner for providing more secure, optimally enhanced mobile and laptop experiences for your customers.

We enable our partners, to make available to their partners and customers, a range of privacy and optimization technologies including:

  • VPN/Encryption
  • Video Optimization
  • Ad Blocking
  • Custom Services

These technologies are available in our SDK and can be integrated into an existing app or can be used to build a new service. In addition, we have a streamlined white label process where we can deliver your product within 2-3 weeks of receiving your assets.

We have partnerships with internet security companies, MVNOs, affinity marketing companies, wifi providers, and ISPs, where we integrate our services using our SDKs, or white label our apps.

For more information, please visit Private Communications Corp or email us at